Caner Tunaman, Turkish national, is a recognized authority in the FMCG Industry in...

Caner Tunaman, Turkish national, is a recognized authority in the FMCG Industry in Turkey. After graduation from the Middle East Technical University of Ankara in 1966, Caner began his career at Unilever, where, across a timespan of 18 years, he rose the ranks from Product Manager to Chairman Malaysia/Singapore. In 1986 he decided to leave Unilever to pursue more exciting career opportunities worldwide.

He became a partner of Albatros Maritimes Company and organized the first Sea Buses Concept and the System of Greater Istanbul Municipality. He established IDO Sea Buses Company and sold 10 fast luxury catamaran sea buses from Norvegian Fijelstrand Ship Builders to Istanbul Municipality.

Caner was one of the 16 founding members of Benckiser BV (today Reckitt Benckiser) in 1986 and the first President of the company in Turkey. In his 15-year long tenure, Caner launched several brands (among which Finish, Vanish and Calgon) and created brand equity building blueprints, which have become global best practices for Reckitt Benckiser across the globe.

In 1993, primarily to strengthen distribution of Benckiser brands across the country, he launched the first canned tuna fish brand in Turkey, in partnership with Dardanel Company. Today the tuna fish brand Dardanel is a leading Turkish brand. Caner’s responsibility continues up to now as a strategy-making partner.

In 1996, he was one of the founders and Executive Board member of  the merchandising company of Fenerbahce Sports Club  “Sports A.S”, which is today known as the Fenerium.

In 2000, Caner retired as President of Reckitt Benckiser Turkey and became non-executive board member and lifetime Honorary President. The following year, with a special permission from Reckitt Benckiser, he became Global Vice President of the World ‘s largest Turkish Coffee manufacturer, Elite International in Amsterdam.

Since retirement, Caner has continued being a strategic advisor to Reckitt Benckiser for Developing Markets.

In 2012, Caner was appointed President of IAA (International Advertising Association) in Turkey.

In addition to all on going responsibilities, Caner is also CEO of his family-owned Company ICTS for branding advice to numerous local and international companies.