Kcal Group Information


Middle East


FMCG, Food Retail

Investment Date

April 2017

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Kcal was launched by two European entrepreneurs, Mark Carroll and Andreas L. Borgmann. Since then, Kcal has enjoyed growing success in the UAE and Middle East and is now expanding further in the region and beyond. Kcal operates through its Kcal Life restaurants, as well as through other divisions, including Kcal Extra and Fuel-UP by Kcal (home-delivered healthy meal plans), Kcal Catering and Kcal GO (a retail product line).

Kcal is more than just a food company. Kcal is a lifestyle that caters for all those who want to eat well and feel good about themselves. Healthy food needn’t be boring or restrictive. Quite the opposite, because with Kcal, we don’t compromise the food we love to be healthy.

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